Miraj Group

With a straightforward beginning in 1987, Miraj Group has shown colossal growth across the nation accompanied by turnover of billions. It continues to surpass other businesses with each passing day and reach new heights by expanding to multiple industries. The secret to its rapid growth lies in a simple belief shared by everyone at Miraj Group, which is, “If there is passion in heart, nothing is impossible”. It is this passion that has laid a strong foundation for Miraj Group to grow into a vast business empire with a consolidation of various sectors.

Founder of Miraj Group Mr. Madan Paliwal strongly believes that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things when organized into highly charged teams. He takes keen interest in developing people into leaders and invests significant time as faculty in Miraj's leadership development programs.

The new millennium ushered in an era of diversification and growth fostered by the foresightedness of the founder. By keeping all its promises, Miraj Group has been forging ahead with confidence by offering products with supreme quality.

In this age of cut-throat competition, Miraj Group is sailing smoothly by obtaining new achievements and at the same time strictly adhering to the quality control measures. Today, Miraj owns more than 20 group companies in almost every sector.


Miraj Group started Miraj Engineering Ltd. in year 2008 and continuously involved in process automation initiatives for Miraj Group.

In the vision of our chairman our engineers making a revolutionary machine for Indian kitchens. We are making the RotiMaster which is India's first fully functional and portable roti making machine.

We always respect our engineering team for their creativity and dedication at every level they come up with new ideas. Let's have look our journey-