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We give one year warranty period from date of purchase on Rotimaster parts having manufacturing defects. But 6 months warranty period from date of purchase for Electrical/ Electronic components like motors, sensors, PCB, power supply unit etc. having manufacturing defects.
Yes, It is flameless and eco friendly machine.
7 rotis can be made in 10 minutes, warming time excluded.
We use food grade plastic material for the parts coming in contact with food material.
This machine can be easily operated by any person by reading quick manual for making roti, tortilla, poori base.
Yes, Parts coming in contact with flour /dough can be easily removed for cleaning. Doors are provided at appropriate places for cleaning with brush. Refer Quick manual for more details.
Power supply required- 230 V AC, 50 Hz, single phase, 1.8 KW. 16 A socket is required.
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